My journey in technology started in ‘99 when my father opened a computer store in my little hometown of Windsor, out in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Since that time I have steadily been moving through different forms of information technology. At age 10, I built my first computer with a Pentium 4 and whopping 256MB of memory. By 13 I created my first website (albeit Joomla 1.0 and a historical iteration of cPanel). At 16 I was introduced to the universe of Linux; to the dismay of my high school IT teacher. Over the next several years I grew to love the Linux sysadmin space.

Almost two decades later I find myself immersed in the world of cloud infrastructure, DevOps and infrastructure as code.

My other lifelong passion is music. I started with classical piano as a child and moved onto guitar and then singing during my high school years. If I’m not in the cloud writing infrastructure, I can generally be found writing, producing and performing music. Mostly in the form of blues/folk/pop.

Lastly, I guess worth mentioning, is my service as a volunteer firefighter for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. I’m the third generation of RFS in my family, with my dad having a history in captaincy of the most active station in the state. My training in emergency response and high-stress situations comes in handy in almost all areas.

I think that about sums it up!